I know why I want multinational corporations to set up  shop in New Zealand. But what's in it for them? The Economist nails part of it: New Zealand is a first-world country that’s a very long way from anywhere else. The message? Screw up here, and you'll get away with it; succeed here, and you can roll out elsewhere, fast.

“If you mess up and burn that market, it’s not that big of a deal,” says David Stewart of Fade, a photo-sharing firm.

It’s not just about products. I've seen quite a bit of business model innovation in New Zealand. Sometimes, it's because they have to scramble like mad to make margin; sometimes, it's because everyone here knows everyone else, and things move so much more quickly. We don't pitch that advantage as often as we should. I'd love to be able to say, "Come here. We’re quick; we’re adaptable. If you're going to do business differently, give it a spin here." 

AuthorNicola Rowe