Selected Past Projects


Private sector

  • Conducted due diligence for merger and acquisition in industrial biotech. Modelled economics of disruptive technology and derived strategic implications.
  • Redesigned go-to-market strategy for a top-10 pharma company, with organisation restructure and rethinking of public-sector interface
  • Led team to analyse & boost low prescription rates for chronic illness in Australia, write business case, plan three-arm pilot and coach pharma client before entry of new medication
  • Rebranded lifestyle medication: conducted quantitative analysis; used focus groups and other qualitative market research to segment market; developed tailored branding plans
  • Devised new yearly marketing plan for top-5 pharma company, creating transparency by (i) linking spending to effectiveness of mix elements and (ii) for the first time at company, showing budget breakdown by marketing mix elements
  • Conducted feasibility study for (and advised against) entry into medical tourism for ANZ hospital
  • Assisted top-10 European pharma company during due diligence for generics acquisition
  • Calculated savings from incoporating e-learning in pharma sales force training. Designed, commissioned and implemented e-learning solution
  • Rolled out proprietary project-monitoring tool for primary-sector client
  • Supported New Zealand fisheries business with development of offshore go-to-market strategy. Modelled yields; reviewed development of UK fish market and benchmarked development of target market against it
  • Conducted due diligence and advised UK hedge fund on acquisition-driven growth strategy in German machine vision industry
  • Established business case and drafted an intranet portal strategy for a large pharma company


Public sector & NGOs

  • Conducted strategic review of the relationship between Auckland and China for an Auckland think-tank
  • Set up and ran complex financial model to determine feasibility of third-sector participation in activity of social housing in New Zealand
  • Supported Australian state government to develop comprehensive, whole-of-government approach to child protection
  • Drafted new, reoriented approach to emergency services in an Australian state
  • Advised large Australian government department on organisational restructuring for Rudd government’s reforms. Reviewed departmental portfolio for efficiencies
  • Supported NZ Ministerial working group in developing effective social housing policy. Report “Home and Housed: A Vision for Social Housing in NZ” published 6 August 2010. Government has implemented core recommendation (2012)
  • Compiled report, presented to Australian Parliament, on impact of Hepatitis C on Australian economy
  • Provided opinion for New Zealand think-tank on advisability of encouraging foreign direct investment in NZ green biotechnology sector
  • Advised Dutch Ministry of Economics on advisability of and incentives for inducing entrepreneurs who had failed in business to re-enter the entepreneurial workforce